Eat And Drink Before Sleeping

Everyone wants to be a happy life. But a few people know about how to maintain a happy life. Actually, happy life depends on a different kind of method. And good sleeping is another reason to be happy in your life. If you want a fresh sleep so you don’t eat the food before sleeping. The Food helps you for Good Sleeping.

So, Many disease is for if you don’t get a Good sleeping. And Good sleeping helps to grow your mental health. So Today I will Suggest some food which is helps you for Good Sleeping.

Ibna Omar Food

Milk ( Good Sleeping Advice )

Melatonin is a hormone that is an important part of Good sleeping. Milk increases your melatonin hormone in your body. Which is helps you to Good sleeping. Every night before sleeping you can drink a glass of milk. But here some problem also you have another problem for mink so don’t drink it. Otherwise, take your doctor’s advice.

Eating habits

Never Eat Food or Drink Before Sleeping

  • Smoking: If you are a smoker so please don’t smoke before sleeping. Because cigarettes have Nicotine. Nicotine disturbs your sleep. And most cases you see the problem is smoking. Smoker can’t sleep very well it’s proven. So, Don’t smoke before sleeping. Also, you have a wife and want to enjoy your bedtime so please don’t smoke before
  • Tea: Caffeine is found in many plants, including coffee beans, tea leaves, cacao pods, and kola nuts. So don’t drink tea before sleeping. Source file
  • Soda: Most soda companies usage a slugger in Soda. Slugger is weak up your mental tissue. So don’t drink soda before sleeping.
  • Alcohol: Many people think alcohol helps to sleep. But remember that Good sleeping and sleeping is another reason for sleep. If you want a Good sleep so avoid alcohol before sleep. Also, alcohol is very harmful to your Dhaka Escort Service.
  • Have Food: Minimum 1 hour ago you eat dinner. But the dinner is not had. Possible to eat simple food. Like oats, snakes, fruit, etc this type of Food helps you to fresh sleep. Bd escort service is not a perfect place to a good habit.

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