Ibne Omar Food in BD

Omar Faruk

We have a mustard oil business. If you want a quality product of mustard oil you can contact with us. 

Our Product

Mustard Oli

Mustard oil is made in his own machine by collecting mustard directly from the farmer. We will get 50 ml, 100 ml, 2 liters, 5 liters of oil.


We provide dark candy. If you want this type of product contact us. We have also different category candy. Good quality and export quality product. Also, this is the Good Food Habit product

Dark candy


We have matured and soybean oil. You can contact for raw soybean oil. Also, we have bottle oil. We are giving the low rate in market price. 

Product Service

  • Quality

    We are never compromising our product quality. 

  • Quantity

    Every single bottle oil quantity is perfect. We are trying to take the quantity perfect. 

  • Produce Issue

    If any problem we can get back our product. And provide the best product as you want.